55 Tchaikovsky St., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 600-24-11
(Sales & Reservations Department)
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Advantages of booking on the site:

Best Price Guaranteed

Payment without commission by card of any bank

Instant confirmation

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

Great breakfasts

For reservations of 7 nights or more, a gift transfer

Free bottle of water

Pets allowed

Children under 5 years stay free

The ability to independently change your reservation in your account

A nice birthday bonus

These rules establish the procedure for booking, settling, living and providing services
in “Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky”.

Duration of stay:
1. The “Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky” is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the administration. At the end of the agreed term resident must vacate the room. In case of prolongation the period of residence, you should inform the administrator not later than 2 hours before checkout time - 12 hours local time. Upon availability, the Administrator will extend the period of stay.
2. The “Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky” works 24-hour.
3. Accommodation in the hotel is carried out in accordance with the checkout time system:
Check-in - from 2.00 PM.
Check-out – until 12.00 PM
4. If the Guest agrees with these rules and registers him/her in the “Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky”, the hotel services contract is deemed to be concluded.

Procedure for providing and paying for the room:
1. The number is provided upon presentation of an identity document, as well as other documents required for registration of a citizen in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Such documents are:
o For a citizen of the Russian Federation - Passport of a Russian citizen or international passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (for persons permanently residing outside the Russian Federation);
o For a foreign citizen - Passport of a foreign citizen, visa (when necessary), migration card;
o For a person without citizenship - a Document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international agreement of the Russian Federation as a document proving the identity of a stateless person (Passport of a stateless person), permission for temporary residence of a stateless person or a residence permit for a stateless person;
o For citizens who have not reached the age of 14 years - a birth certificate, identity documents with parents (adoptive parents, foster parents) or accompanying close relatives with documents certifying their authority.
2. The payment for accommodation and services in the hotel is carried out at free (contractual) prices, approved by the management of the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " and is calculated in accordance with a single settlement hour. For stays of less than 24 hours, the fee is charged per day, regardless of the time of arrival and departure.
3. In case of delay of departure of the guest after the set billing hour, the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:
o from 12:00 till 23:00 – 50% of the official rate;
o from 23:00 till 12:00 the next day – 100% of the official rate.
4. Please note that guests staying in the booked room from 0:00 to 14.00 will be charged 50% of the official rate.
5. All calculations are made in rubles. We accept cards for payment: VISA,VISA Electron, MC, Master Card Electronic, Maestro.
6. Children accommodation:
Fee for accommodation of children under 3 years old inclusive is not charged (on existing bed or on baby cot).
Fee for accommodation of children from 4 to 12 years old is 750 RUB per person per night (on extra bed).
Fee for accommodation of children over 13 years old is 1500 RUB per person per night (on extra bed).
Breakfast is extra charged.
7. After 23.00 o’clock the stay of guests who do not live in the room is charged based on the cost of additional space for 1 person.
8. When carrying out discounts (seasonal discounts, special offers), the following rules are applied: discounts are provided only from an open tariff for direct booking through the hotel (without booking / travel companies); discounts are not cumulative; discounts are provided only for the accommodations.
9. The room key is issued upon presentation of the guest's card.
10. In case of late refusal of booking (less than a day), late or no-show of a guest from him or from the customer a fee is charged for the actual room’s no-use in the amount of its cost per day. If you are late for more than a day, the reservation is canceled.

Rules of residence:
11. Residents must:
• take care of property and equipment;
• keep the room clean and keep order;
• in case of loss or damage of property, reimburse the cost of damage according with the current price list;
• strictly follow the fire safety rules;
• when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, the TV, electrical appliances, close the room and hand the key over.
12. It is prohibited:
• To smoke on the territory, including rooms (in accordance with Federal Law No. 15-FZ of 23.02.13). In the event of violation of this obligation, the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " reserves the right to appeal to law enforcement authorities to bring the resident to administrative responsibility for smoking in unauthorized places. In this case if the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is brought to administrative responsibility, as a result of the aforementioned violation by the guest (and / or invited persons) based on established ban on smoking tobacco on the territory - " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " reserves the right to demand from the above-mentioned guest money compensation to " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky » in the amount of the fine, presented to " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " by the competent state authorities (Hereby the Guest confirms that he also knows that smoking in the room will entail a divergence of compensation for damage by guest in the form of costs for additional special housekeeping (prolonged ventilation, the use of odor absorbers, washing curtains, net curtains, textiles) in the amount of 5,000 rubles).
• To disturb other guests from 23.00 pm to 8.00 am;
• To leave unauthorized guests in the room, and also give them the key to the room;
• To keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapons;
• To use the electric boiler and electric stove;
• The rearrangement of furniture in the room is possible only with the consent of the administrator;
• To keep animals and birds.
13. In case of damage to the hotel, the Guest bears material responsibility
14. The " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is responsible for the loss, shortage or damage of the guests’ things, which have been brought to the hotel, with the exception of money, other currency valuables, securities, and other precious things. The thing that is entrusted to employees of the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " or a thing placed in a room or other place intended for this purpose is considered to be entered. The " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is responsible for the loss of money, other currency valuables, securities and other guests’ valuables in case if they have been accepted by the hotel for storage, or were placed by the guest in an individual safe provided to him by the hotel, regardless of whether this safe is placed - in guest’s room or in another hotel room. The " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is exempted from responsibility for the non-preservation of the contents of a safe if the hotel proves that under the conditions of storage someone’s access to the safe without the knowledge of the resident was impossible or became possible due to force majeure. The guest, who has discovered the loss, shortage or damage of his belongings, is obliged to notify the administration about this immediately. Otherwise, the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is released from responsibility for the non-preservation of things.
15. Reviews of the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " on the title limit. At the same time, the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " is obliged to take measures to provide electricity and water consumption to the guests as far as possible.
16. Administration of the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " reserves the right to visit the rooms without consulting the guest in case of technical problems in the room, smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of these rules by the guest, public order, the use of household appliances;
17. In case of transfer of lost things, the administration takes measures to return them to the owners. Lost by the guests things are stored in the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " for 1 month.
• Food products with opened packaging are not subject to long-term storage and must be disposed of. If the food packaging is not broken, they are handed over to the storage room according to general rules and are to be stored for 1 week.
• Guest’s luggage can be stored not longer than 24 hours.
• Unused items of individual use are registered in the journal and stored for 1 week. Used objects of individual use are not subject to long-term storage and are subject to disposal.
• Individual cosmetic products in closed containers are to be stored for 1 week. Open individual cosmetics are not stored.
18. Staff and residents must respect silence and be mutually polite.
19. In case of violations of these rules by the Guest, in order to restore the peace and silence of other Guests the administration may make a remark to the offender. The " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky " has the right to refuse services to the Guest and, if you do not have the right to name yourself, to evict him.
20. When leaving the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky ", the resident must make a full payment for the provided services and pass the room key.
21. The guest book situated at the reception desk and issued at the first request. Applications and complaints of each Guest accepted in writing form and considered in time.
22. The following services are provided for free during full period of residence at the " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky ":
• Emergency team call
• Use of a medical first aid kit
• Provision of an ironing board and iron
• Waking-up at a specific time
• Provision of dishes and cutlery
• Provision of boiling water, needles and threads
• Delivery of correspondence to the number upon receipt
• Calling a taxi, ordering a car
• Fax (reception)
• Railway tickets booking
• Booking tickets to theaters, booking tables in restaurants
• Wireless Internet Services
23. For additional payment, the following services provided:
• Long-distance, international calls
• Extra breakfast "Swedish table"
• Extra cleaning of the room
• Extra set of towels
• Laundry, dry cleaning, ironing
• Transfer, excursions
• Fax (sending)
• Rent of conference hall
• Rent of PC, DVD player, copy, scan, print


We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.
Enjoy your vacation!

Yours faithfully,
Administration of the hotel " Grand Hotel Tchaikovsky ".